About Jeannie

Jeannie was born to an artist-interior designer mother and an engineer father.  After practicing in the field of accounting business management, and earning a real estate brokers license from the State of Wisconsin for no particular reason, Jeannie chose to acknowledge both sides of her brain and pursued the business of domestic and commercial design. Earning a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Home Ecomomics: Interior Design and Consumer Science, and  an A.S.  from Madison College in Architectural Technologies, Jeannie has happily worked in the field of architecture and interior design ever since.  

She began her own design business in 2009, Jeannie Kowing Design, LLC, with an emphasis in residential architectural and interior design as well as commercial interior design.  Jeannie explores all design concepts and periods.  There is no particular style which defines her "look" as she believes a design develops organically from the client's needs and inspiration.

In addition to her design business, Jeannie is an adjunct faculty of Madison College in the departments of Architectural Technologies and Construction and Remodeling.

Jeannie resides in Madison, WI, is active with family, friends and volunteers for civic events. She enjoys hiking in the Devils Lake Bluffs, exploring the Farmer's Market and enjoying the diverse personalities which surround her.  

Jeannie Kowing would like to acknowlege the generosity of Shulfer Architects LLC, her former employer, who has allowed her to feature photos of the work she did while under their employ.

Jeannie Kowing Design, LLC
(608)  225-1914 

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